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About us ————————————-

We are  initiated Wiccans in the Gardnerian tradition in the UK.   We  live in London, and work magically and socially for the empowerment of people – through rituals, magic and transpersonal psychology.

We have facilitated many open rituals, talks & workshops for Pagan Federation, Children of Artemis, Witchfest,  Beltane Bash, Halloween Festivals.

We have connections with many Wiccan Elders, Teachers, Facilitators, Organisers, Pagan Moots and online groups- as a result of working with them and being part of the Pagan & Wiccan communities in London for over 20 years!

If you like to know more about Wicca & Witchcraft, Magic, Paganism and related matters, do come and meet us in person at one of our socials or ritual events, or  contact us – by phone or e-mail or the online form here.


Our Policy ———————————–

Age of participants (under 18’s) for Coures:  Anyone under 18 yrs of age  should generally arrange to bring an adult (over 18) as chaperon. Please phone tutors to discuss specific details..

Photography:  . clear permissions must be sought from us. Please also observe Copyright rules..

Media & Research: We can not cater for any Observers. However tutors are happy to make separate appointments / meetings with Media & researchers.

Concerns & ethics: please contact us for further clarifications or guidance.

Animal welfare: We do NOT ever use animals in rituals. However some friends bring their pet Dogs to our events.


Internet Safety & Cookies ———————————

We give great importance to people’s privacy and internet safety.

Nearly all websites & site hosts have inbuilt software that places small tracking program called a `cookie’ – This collects user data, such as number of visits, where they are coming from (ie which link they used to arrive at a site, or if they did a search, or inputted a web address directly). Google analytics & Host companies provide simple (or complex) program for all web masters to access that data. Some websites actively use complex cookies. We do not do this, but rely on any data collected by Google & our site host. Every time you visit a website (all) a cookie is placed in your web browser. You can set your own browsers to minimise this, (privacy or incognito modes can be set) or delete cookies (set browser to delete automatically on departing a site. Next time you arrive at a site, it will still place a new cookie, but it will have no record of your previous visit).

Disabling or deleting cookies will generally not  affect your viewing of (our) websites. But some websites out there have settings that make some parts of their website not-visible, unless their cookies are accepted.

This advise & info is provided to the best of our knowledge. You may wish to do your own search to be fully educated in this matter.


The Importance of  Trust ————————————

Wicca & Witchcraft has had good and bad coverage in the media. As genuine interests in this path increases, many people are searching for training, connections and related community.   So in response, many groups & websites are also springing up.  There are some who do not reveal any personal information – about who is running it all behind the scenes. Now this can be for their safety reasons (as bullying & discrimination still abounds).  But it may also be because of a lack of accountability & integrity on those people’s part.

To earn the trust and respect of the guests, visitors, Seekers & interested people – as well as peers, we believe it is important to state openly who we are, what we do in our `real life’ (outside of Wicca), and be open and available for contact.  After all, running community websites/ forums/ groups is `public work’  and falls under the area of providing `public service’.  While we all have a right to privacy and personal life, if any of us ARE running such public services, it is absolutely important to show openness & transparency. It is also important to be able to be verifiable by peers and other trusted leaders in the community.  (effectively like a `CV reference/ check!)

For this reason, some real life personal info of the lead organiser/ owner of this website is given below.


About Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest     (webmaster)     

Mani Navasothy - Wiccan High Priest in LondonMani (full name `Manivannan), brought up as a Hindu  in Sri Lanka, came and settled in the United Kingdom at the age of 15 yrs.  Following his father’s accidental death, Mani began to explore  alternative spiritualities & Paganism in the early 1990’s, and began developing a variety of esoteric interests such as astrology, runes, tarot and Witchcraft.  He attended the Wicca Study Group in London, run by Vivviane Crowley & Chris Crowley, and eventually became initiated in a related Coven of Gardnerian Lineage.

Now a seasoned Wiccan High Priest, Mani Navasothy  has given numerous workshops & talks in any seetings & pagan organisations / events, as well as his own training courses.

He launched the `e-Witch Apprentice course’ in 2011.  Hern’s Tribe – an outdoor shamanic ritual group founded by Mani in 2004 is still active in London and provides an alternative to Wiccan covens, Druid groves or Heathen Bolts in London.  Mani has given many interviews – to the BBC, Channel 4, Radio, National & Local News papers – on the subject matters of Paganism.

Expertise of Mani

Pagan & Esoteric Related:

  • Esoteric Author: .
  • Facilitator / Seminar leader.
  • Course Creator / Tutor:
  • Events & Conference Organiser;
  • Visionary Artist/ Illustrator / Photographer
  • Web Designer.
  • Online Marketer & ePublisher.

 Professional training:

  • Team Leader Course. Kingston College. Certificated.
  • Negotiation Skills; Equal opportunities; Handling Personal cases;    Health & Safety; Human Rights; Asylum Interview Skills (Home Office).
  • Transpersonal Psychology Course (Whitecroft Centre, Croydon).
  • Introduction to Counselling Skills (Extra mural study, Birkbeck College).
  • PGCE :Teacher training, Kings College,
  • B.Sc. Degree  `Physics Studies’.  University of London

Visit Mani’s professional site to check him out more at www.ManiNavasothy.com

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