QuantumPhoenix is the name of the blog site of the webmaster.  Established many years ago, it’s now one of the popular Esoteric blogs (has had over 200,000 views).  These links open in a separate tab.


QuantumPhoenix Blogs – on Wicca & Ritual Magica:

Wiccan Journeys:   thoughts on Covens

Hierarchy in Wiccan Covens

Love & Light- magical art of sending healing

Keep the Magic Secret- Mandrake, Merlin & Gerald Gardner

Blog on Gerald Gradner – father of Wicca

An it hard none- the full poem

Here are some more (click thumbnail pics to visit relevant blog posts)

  • A wiccan initiation into coven of Janet & Stewart Farra
  • Writing sigils for Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel
  • How to draw invoking pentagrams (astrological explanations)
  • Pan & Aphrodite chant for Valentine day


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