Energy raising in a Wiccan Ritual

Energy Raising in Wicca (Cone of Power):

Magic requires the intent or the power of the Will. The Will (of a person or group of people) `works’ the energy, ad this energy creates the desired effect. In order to do magic, the strength of Will, and an ability to raise energy are required. These come with much training and practise.

Raising & working Energy-  can be achieved with practise of the following methods and techniques. Most of these work because they change the mind-state or Consciousness of the person.

1 Meditations, Yoga &  deep breathing techniques to calming the body & mind and creating inner peace.

*2 Repetitive singing, chanting  & dancing to reach trance-states.

*3 Rhythmic drumming, clapping or even blood control using scourging (whips!)

4 Taking alcohol or other mind-altering substances to reach altered states (doesn’t mean you’ll then be in a fully aware state to wield your Will!)

5 Sex / Great Rite  (which affects breathing, rhythmic stimulation, pleasure and altered states!)

In our public rituals, we work with technqiues 2 & 3 as listed above for raising energy in aa wiccan circle.

Spiral Dance:

This is where, within a consecrated Wicca Circle-space, participating members will link hands, do a chant, and move in a spiral-dance manner. (video demo coming soon)

Cone of Power – is said to be created when a group of magicians/ wiccans generate energy inside a consecrated circle (sacred space), and pour forth all their energies from around the Circle.  The energies raised will rise higher in a cone.

Some popular chants used in Energy Raising

Chant 1:

“Lady spin your circle bright.

Weave your web of dark and light.

Earth, air, fire and water-

bind us as one!”

Chant 2

“Earth my body, Water my blood

Air my breath & Fire my spirit..”

Chant 3:

“She Changes everything she touches.

Everything She touches.. changes!”

Chant 4

The river .it is flowing

flowing and growing

back to the sea

Earth mother carry me

your child I will always be.

River is flowing ..

back to the sea

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