Salt & Water consecrations:

Salt-water consecration -demo by april- Witchcraft & MagicPurpose:

Salt & water form part of the material & emotional basis of the magical working. Ie physical structures, place and the emotional balancing. It helps to connect the macrocosm / Outside  (moon & earth) to material tools (water & salt) and then that to microcosm / within (body, bones, blood, emotions).

 “I exorcise thee, O creature of water, that thou cast out from thee.. all the impurities and uncleanliness  of the of the spirits of the world of phantasms. In the name of the Moon that rules  thee..”

“Blessings be upon this creature of salt. Let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth, and let all good enter herein.  I bless thee that you may aid me. In the name of the Earth that rules thee.”

Wiccans also do consecrations with Incense, and candle. Watch our video (coming soon) to see how this is done!

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