Sexuality in Wiccan Circles

Sexuality in Wicca –  by Mani Navasothy .

The following is an extract from the book `Coven Guide: How to become an Initiated Witch’  (c)  Mani Navasothy.  (available to purchase as pdf eBook or as Kindle eBook)

Naked Witch and Skyclad Rituals

In initiated witches do all the magical rituals whilst being totally naked! This is called `Skyclad’ (clothed by the Sky!). This takes place because one of the fundamental ideals of Wicca is for all to be totally free – and free of self-conscious thoughts and also to accept each other for who they are, without any judgment. Being naked in the company of a coven of witches, regardless of sizes, body shapes, races, skin-colour, age – is an essential training of `unconditional acceptance’ of another person.

However, there are hidden etiquettes that must be followed:

  • Do not constantly stare at another person when all are naked.
  • Do not flirt overly when in a skyclad ritual.
  • Do not touch others constantly, or in a manner that suggests seduction (It is okay to tap on a person’s shoulder and ask to pass a candle, broom, a ritual tool, etc).
  • If you are part of a `real’ couple who are both in the same coven, others will be acceptable if you are flirty with your partner or even a little amorous. But overt kissing and cuddling in front of rest of the coven is just poor social etiquette.

Polarity Magic in Wicca

In Wicca and most pagan religions, the divine is seen as an energy that can be polarised and experienced as a male `God’ and a female `Goddess’.  Not only that, but the God and Goddess energies further spread and manifest in many forms, as lots of Gods and Goddesses.

In order to experience the divine, Wiccans make specific points of magically relating to specific forms of Gods and Goddesses, through the process of `invoking’ certain of those energies `into’ a male Priest or female Priestess. Often a particular Goddess-form is `invoked’ into a Priestess, who is then said to `bear the Goddess’ for the duration of that ritual and a particular `God-form’ is invoked into a Priest who then holds that energy for the ritual. These two `people’ – now in their invoked `God and Goddess’ states, interact in a ritual drama – often enacting some aspects of a mythology. This is just ritual drama that takes place in a Magic Circle, in front of the rest of the coven members. Once the ritual enactment is completed, the energies are grounded or devoked and the Priest and Priestess return to their usual selves..

(c) Mani Navasothy

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