Blessing Cakes & Wine in Wicca

Cakes & Wine  (Blessing)

Blessing of wine -Witchcraft & MagicOnce all the magical work has been completed, the Blessing of the Cakes / Bread  & Wine will take place.

Traditionally, the leading Priestess & Leading Priest  (or the Priest & Priestess who were invoked as the God & Goddess on the circle) will bless the Cakes & Wine.

In many groups (in some of ours) we also do `group blessings’ where all the members present will reach out and place one hand on the Chalice or plat of cake/ bread.. and all do a communal blessing.

Once blessed, the Chalice of Wine & plate of cakes are either taken around either  by the people who blessed them… or 2 other designated people.. to the rest of the people in the circle.  Each person partakes in this..  (taking a sip of the wine, and a small piece of the cake)

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