Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess in Wicca

Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess

(These are notes / extracts from the `Introduction to Paganism’ course (c) Mani Navasothy )

God & Goddess

Pagans believe that divine energy is in all of us, in all of nature, and we can access that any time. They find it easier to connect to this divine energy as a polarity.. male & female.  Pagans like to interpret this in so many ways, as so many different Gods & Goddessess-  of all shapes, sizes, ages and locations. Different parts of the world has different societies, with their own collection of local Gods & Goddessess.

But a key concept is- (most) Pagans accept and believe that even though they have their own God & Goddess, others have their own deities. So `when in Rome’, Pagans are happy to worship Roman gods. Another curious thing- if a pagan believes or wants a particular deity-energy, they will happily work with that god or goddess and keep a image/statue in their altars (even if not in Rome!).   And as long as energies are useful, Pagans will happily borrow and mix deities in their worship.

Some Deities and their aspects:

Pan Greek Woodland God with Goat-horns and hoof, fertility, sexuality
Herne Hunter God, wears stag-head with antlers on head.
Cernunos Celtic origins, wears a mask of sort with antlers, Lord of beasts (animals).
Osiris Egyptian God of death & Rebirth (Underworld).
Zeus Greek, King of Olympian Gods (similar to Jove/ Jupiter)
Odin Nordic God (king), made sacrifice of his eye and hung on World-tree to get Runes. Similar to Mercury & Hermes.
Gaia Earth Goddess, first Deity in Greek myths.
Diana / Artemis Huntress, virgin Goddess, runs wild with her dogs, bows & arrows.
Aphrodite/ Venus sensuality, love, sexuality without ownership (ie not committed to marriage)
Isis Egyptian Goddess, Wife of Osiris
Hecate Crone Goddess

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