Our Rituals

You can directly access details of all our Open rituals, Courses, socials & events via our Official meetup `London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans.  https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/

Our rituals have been running since 2001 under various group names (Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa London Circle, Wicca rituals etc). But in 2014 we started `London Woodland Witches’ meetup group and all rituals were set under this umbrella name. (we currently have over 3,000 members).

As our events are held outdoors, there are no requirements for covid passports etc but we ask attendees to keep safe and follow government guidelines, stay home if they feel unwell etc.

Coming up: Rituals in 2023 (Sept – December)

Our Full moon & New moon rituals are held every month. These take place in our regular central london venue – the sandy riverside area next to Thames (close to Tate Modern Gallery). We meet by the Millennium Bridge around 7pm and walk together down steps to the slightly secluded spot – we set up altar and do ritual. There’s usually a social with snacks & drinks that everyone brings to share. Attendees leave when they feel ready. There is a fee of £5 for these .

Open Rituals 2023 (January -August)

Past Rituals (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019) – visit archive page

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