Initiation into Wicca

Initiations in Wicca

The following is an extract from the book `Coven Guide: How to become an Initiated Witch’  (c)  Mani Navasothy.  (available to purchase as pdf eBook or as Kindle eBook)

Coven Guide- Become an Initiated Witch - adWhat is an Initiation

An initiation is a religious or spiritual ritual – a ceremony of deep significance. It takes planning and organizing on the part of the Initiators (Tribal leaders, Shamans and Coven leaders, such as a High Priest or High Priestess).  It also takes preparations on the part of the Seeker – who wants the initiation.

  • An initiation ritual serves to create some or more of the following- for the Initiate (i.e. you!).
  • A transformative experience – either during the ritual, or in he days and weeks that follow.
  • A deconstruction, cleansing and de-cluttering experience – also known as a death and rebirth experience. A deeply hidden or new self-identity often emerges after an initiation (immediately or over longer period).
  • A magical experience – insights, visions, answers to some questions, healing, etc.
  • Joins a new person into a group- through swearing oaths or loyalty and secrecy
  • -oins a new person’s mind to the collective of the existing coven/group mind!
  • A spiritual or religious experience- connection to a God or Goddess.

Wiccan Initiations: Why?

Here are some obvious and not so obvious reasons why interested people seek Wiccan initiations.

      • -Wiccan spirituality appeals to you.
      • -Wiccan community appeals to you.
      • -Wicca seems to have power and magic!
      • -You have friends in the Wiccan community and would like to join them.
      • -Or your friends in the Wiccan community want you to join in! (This is `recruitment’ and not supposed to happen in Wiccan communities).
      • -You know of one or more attractive girls or guys in a coven (or in general in Wicca) and think if you join a coven, you can strike a relationship with them (i.e. the finding of love).
      • -You have heard various `old’ stories of skyclad rituals (naked rituals), `cult orgies’ and (mistakenly) believe just joining a Wiccan coven will give you those experiences (i.e. the lust factor).
      • -Your spouse or romantic partner (husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend) is in a coven and you wish to know what they are getting up to. (Jealousy, curiosity, insecurity).
      • -Your spouse/ partner is in a coven and you are fed up of being separate from their magical life and now want to be part of it.
      • -Your spouse/partner is a Wiccan and you see the positive changes and wish to share in that.
      • -Your spouse/partner is a Wiccan and now wants to encourage you to become initiated – so that eventually you can have your own coven/group.
      • -Initiation is a validation- like collecting qualifications or certificates.
      • -You secretly loath Wicca, for personal or professional reasons and wants to join in to expose or exploit it! (Journalists, people from other evangelical religions, people who have been hurt by bad experiences in Wicca – may only want to follow for this reason).

All content (c) Mani Navasothy 2013.

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